What is the latest scoop on Stacey Sansom Designs?

Do not panic! While Stacey Sansom Designs has gone radio silent on social media for quite some time, I assure you that it is still open for business, albeit slower-paced and with some limitations. There has been a lot going on. I am trying to keep up the same pace as before, but the reality is that I am only 1 person and can only do so much.

Be kind.

Be patient.

For all of my current customers, thank you for your continued support. Your referrals mean the world to this small business. It might not seem like much, but each mention on social media means I can continue to do what I do for each one of you. Thank you for your patience and understanding. Thank you for still referring me to others when I may have turned down your job due to bad timing.

Is there anything new?

Not exactly! I am trying to keep my head above water with everything that has been going on. There is too much to explain. Just know most of it was personal and family-natured, between having COVID (again), multiple dental surgeries, the loss of my mother, educational pursuits, etc. Mental health needed to become a priority. I needed to step back and focus on myself for a bit. Most days feel like “barely surviving” mode, but at least the drowning feeling has subsided.

In December 2022, I earned my Apparel Construction and Design Certificate from Brigham Young University–Idaho. For most, this means nothing. For me, it means a little bit of credibility. Street credit, anyone? I feel strongly that continuous education is important. I am constantly working on improving my skillsets and learning new techniques as well as working on old ones. Yes, I can do a design sketch and bring it to life. I know this happened some time ago, but it is still a big deal for me.

Tomorrow, April 11, I will earn a certificate in Graphic Design Fundamentals and an Associates of Applied Science in Professional Studies from BYU–Idaho.

Because of continued educational pursuits, services will continue to be limited until fall 2024.

On April 22 I start my final semester at BYU–Idaho. The semesters are 2 weeks shorter than most traditional colleges, but they are intense. I carried a heavier load Winter semester in an attempt to finish and this Spring Semester will be no different. Graduation is set for the end of July. It is going to be whirlwind getting to that point. As part of this semester, I am taking an Apparel CAD Pattern Making class. I am hopeful this will push some other plans for the company products along further.

Changes you might have missed…

There is currently nothing new at Stacey Sansom Designs. At least not recent. Some of you may have noticed the new logo design in testing. I am not 100% certain this is the final model, but it is a work in progress. The colors are not 100% set due to clarity and readability concerns with lower contrast. I need and want pretty with flexibility. Ultimately, the original logo may never completely go away. I have had it a long time. The new version is more representative of what the current line of work is. I do not intend to walk away from graphic design endeavors; a version will be created for that line of business focus.

What next?

A lot of people have asked me what is next for Stacey Sansom Designs. For that, I am not 100% certain yet. I do know that I will not be taking on certain types of projects in order to work on projects that are closer to the direction I want to be heading. This will be less grunt work for me, I hope. I want to focus on the underserved markets of the sewing industry; boys, men, and plus-sized (men, women, and children). I want to turn the business more towards the art of sewing for these groups and less about making existing designs work. Ultimately, I want to start developing patterns for you to use. That does not mean that I will stop doing alterations or custom sewing entirely, simply less of it. The goal is to achieve more passive income rather than the income that requires me to show up every single day and get things done.

You can expect more fabric designs from Stacey Sansom Designs as well. Unfortunately, My Fabric Designs closed their doors suddenly during the pandemic. Lost money aside, I want to find another permanent home for the designs eventually. Currently, I am reviving my Spoonflower shop. You can look for preliminary designs now, but there is a lot more to come. It will be slow, but I will be releasing new designs. I will rerelease all the designs from MFD as well.

Thank you!

This is not a complete update, but it is something I have wanted to get out there for some time. I appreciate your continued support. Please keep those referrals coming.

UPDATES: Silent Mode Activated

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