Stacey Sansom Designs Service Area

In the past couple of months, I have received a plethora of inquiries about whether or not I provide services to a particular area. There is no exact answer to this because Stacey Sansom Designs provides a variety of different services thus the answer will vary from service to service.

I have also had multiple people sound disappointed at my location when answered. These individuals were referred to me by a friend or found me via an online review. Please note that I cannot live up to anyone’s expectation if they are not willing to drive to drop off or pick up.

Where am I located?

Stacey Sansom Designs is located in North Texas. In particular, the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex area. This means that my service area is around this region for most services.

I am actually located north of the DFW metroplex on the HWY 380 Corridor, roughly half-way between Denton and McKinney, TX. For most services, my service area is going to be the communities in this area unless you are willing to take a drive.

Current Service Area

The current service area for Stacey Sansom Designs includes

  • Frisco
  • Prosper
  • Little Elm
  • Aubrey
  • Cross Roads
  • Denton

This is the immediate area surrounding Stacey Sansom Designs. Please note: I am located in Little Elm on the north side of Lake Lewisville. If you are outside of these areas but are nearby, you are welcome to use my services as well.

Can I ship my items to you?

The short answer to this is, “Maybe.” This largely depends on which service you are requesting. Please see the following scenarios before contacting Stacey Sansom Designs to see if it is possible.

  • If you are wanting patches attached to a uniform, shipping your item is probably acceptable.
  • If you are wanting alterations done on a clothing item, you need to be local or be willing to drive to Stacey Sansom Designs. Some alterations require multiple fittings to get them right.
  • If you are wanting custom sewing or small-run manufacturing done that do not require any fittings, then shipping your items is possible.
  • If you are wanting basic clothing repairs (ie. zipper replacement, repaired seams, etc), message me with pictures of your repair(s) and I will let you know if:
    1. worth the cost of repairing the item
    2. worth the cost of shipping the item on top of the repair.

Please note that ALL SHIPPING CHARGES are paid by the customer, not Stacey Sansom Designs.

Turn around time on your items will be longer if shipped. The same drop-off deadline applies to items received by mail as those received locally. If your item does not arrive before 9:00 AM on Monday, your item will be assigned to the next week’s work tasks. Your item will not be shipped back until your item is paid in full and you provide the pre-paid shipping label for a flat-rate mailer (appropriate for the size of the item).

Will you meet me somewhere?


You are responsible for dropping off all items on location at Stacey Sansom Designs. This allows me to properly intake items so that items are not lost while in my possession. This includes appropriate contact information, deadlines, and special instructions. This is my opportunity to do an initial fitting.

The only exception is any item (alterations, repair, or patches) received from Talon Martial Arts. These items will be picked up at this facility and dropped back off there when completed. This is a special arrangement made for TMA customers–a courtesy.

Why mention this?

I love my customers. I have fabulous customers keeping me busy. They also refer more customers to me. I do not have time to spend driving to and from locations fitting and picking up items, then returning them. I can get to more people and items if the drop-off deadline is followed.

I no longer have a guaranteed return date. There is only 1 of me to do the work. You will be asked for a hard-deadline for your items. I will set my estimated return date approximately 3 days before this deadline so that there is a little wiggle room if things happen. Most items are returned within 7-10 days.

Service Area