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Most frequent questions

Since there has been a rise in questions due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I thought I would take a few minutes to address the most frequent questions that I hear from past and current customers as well as potential customers. This is not intended to be an all-inclusive list of questions. If you have any questions, please drop me a message.

When can I sign my child up for sewing lessons?

I do not have a definite answer on this.

Unfortunately, I am a high-risk person for COVID-19 and have decided that it is in the best interest of myself and my family to simply have as little contact with others as possible outside of the normal day to day living. Please understand that teaching small groups of children and adults has been fun and an adventure, but for now, it is best suited for when we no longer have the pandemic in the forefronts of our lives.

In addition to this, with virtual-schooling and work-from-home occurring, it is simply easier to close the sewing school until further notice. Why? The Stacey Sansom Designs sewing studio is in the open space of our house and it is just not ideal at this time.

I hope that you will be respectful and understanding of this situation.

This does not mean that the sewing school will never open back up, but for now it is not ideal.

Currently other options are being weighed for feasibility, but no decisions are to be made soon.

Where are you located?

Stacey Sansom Designs is located in North Texas. We are located north of the Dallas-Fort Worth (Texas) metroplex and the primary service area is the areas surrounding the Highway 380 corridor. You can learn more about this in the post Service Area.”

Some services can be completed via shipping, however, these requests should be made via phone, email, private message, or text.

Can you sew patches onto leather vests, hats, or jackets?

Currently, the answer is NO. I am not set up to handle heavier or thicker materials such as those found in most leather items. This does not mean that this will not change in the future.

Can you sew patches onto regular vests, hats, or jackets?

Currently, the answer is YES but may not be able to do all items.

I am not set up to handle heavier or thicker materials such as those found in most jackets and/or coats, but this can be determined by sending me a quick picture of the items in question.

Softer style hats are better than the stiffer baseball hats, but these are doable depending on the size of the patch.

If you have any of these items, please drop me an email, phone call, text, or private message.

Can I ship my items to you?

The simple answer is that it depends.

If you are not located in the local area of Stacey Sansom Designs, please contact me directly to find out if it is an option for your items. Requests are currently limited to simple, no contact jobs such as patches, drape/curtain shortening, etc.

If you are located in the local area of Stacey Sansom Designs, please contact me directly to arrange contactless drop-off of items.

Can I pay via personal check? PayPal? Venmo? Zelle?

The simple answer is NO.

I do not accept personal checks. Stacey Sansom Designs has not accepted personal checks since 2014. I do not plan on accepting personal checks again any time soon due to problems in the past.

Please note that ALL INVOICES can be paid more securely online than via personal check. In fact, when paying with any option online through the invoicing or payment processing system(s), I receive less personal identifying information about you than I would if you paid via personal (or business) check. Paying online is safe and secure.

The short answer to PayPal is not currently. I have in the past, but do not have plans to use PayPal again in the future.

The short answer to Venmo is not currently. I have never accepted Venmo and I do not have plans to use them in the future.

The short answer to Zelle is not currently. I have in the past, but do not have plans to use Zelle again in the future.

Stacey Sansom Designs uses a third party invoicing and payment system for all invoices. I also use a third party payment processor for all shop orders and transactions.

Cash is always accepted from local customers only and payment is due in full upon pick-up. Exact change is appreciated. Tips are always welcome.

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More Face Masks are available in the shop

Face Masks | Stacey Sansom Designs

I have added a few more face masks to the Stacey Sansom Designs SHOP. Please check them out. This may not seem like a lot, but to a small business, every small purchase helps keep our doors open.

Face Mask Sizing

I have been asked about how to size the fitted masks. There is no exact way to measure these. I wish that there was. What I have found is that while it does matter the size, it may not always fit the same on most people. Version 2 tends to fit better on men and women with larger faces.

Here are some graphics to help you size correctly. I do not have all sizes available, but the trend will stay true.

Shipping Information

I know a lot of people complain about the price of shipping. Please be kind about the price. This is not a price that I can control. It is set by the postal service.

Remember that shipping is flat-rate. At this price, you can ship as many as can fit in a standard USPS Flat Rate padded envelope.

Thanks for your continued support

I am saddened that I can’t teach sewing lessons right now or even take in alterations currently, but I am grateful for what support and encouragement I have received through this. Please continue to support local small businesses the best way that you can – right now. Sometimes a kind word says a lot.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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Sewing Classes Still Canceled

Sewing Classes still canceled through end of May 2020 | Stacey Sansom Designs

It is with sadness in my heart that I have to announce that sewing (and quilting) classes will be canceled through the end of May 2020 due to the on going COVID-19 pandemic.

With that being said, I am hoping to tentatively open up registration for June 2020 classes on May 1, 2020. I will continue to monitor the situation and make a decision based on what I feel is safest for me, my family, and my awesome students. Stay tuned!

Texas is loosening the hold on our “Stay at Home” mandate orders this week, but there is still a lot of services and businesses that will still be in a holding pattern for 2-3 more weeks. Please be patient as we ride this out.

I will continue to post helpful articles on Facebook and even do a live video from time to time.

Next week, I am looking to do the very first lesson of my Adult and Kid’s Beginner Sewing I class – online. I am still working out the logistics as of now, but I’ll let you know a couple of days in advance.

Potentially, I will do a live version of my Sewing Machine Crash Course as well. Again, I am still working on logistics for this. There will be a nominal fee for this class for materials if you do not already have them.

Please be smart. Please be safe. Please be well.

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Don’t have time to learn to sew? Think again.

Sewing Machine Crash Course | Learn to Sew DFW | Stacey Sansom Designs

I know you are busy and sometimes you just cannot commit to spending 4 or more weeks on learning the basics of a new skill. I get it. This is why I offer the Sewing Machine Crash Course. It is a fast-paced learn-to-sew experience in a small group setting.

This really depends on you, however, the Sewing Machine Crash Course offered at Stacey Sansom Designs helps get you started. In as little as 3-hours you can learn how to use your sewing machine and complete your very first project.

What are you waiting for? Register for the Sewing Machine Crash Course today!

Please note: This course is not intended to make you an expert sewist. That requires practice and lots of it. This course will get you started. The intention is to help you be less scared of the sewing machine so you will have rapid success.

Learn to use your sewing machine quickly with this Sewing Machine Crash Course
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Updates to Booking and Services Underway

Updates to Booking and Services | Stacey Sansom Designs

Stacey Sansom Designs is updating our service offerings and service booking system to better serve you. 

Please be patient if something appears to be off or not working. These updates will be ongoing for the next 7-10 days as free time allows between appointments, classes, and other responsibilities. 

What does this mean? 

More flexibility! Who doesn’t love that?!. 

You will now be able to select the item drop-off time that is most convenient for you. No more by 9:00 AM Monday drop-offs.

Time slots are 1-hour long and you can drop-off anytime during that slot. No more stressing on exact times. If you are going to be early or late, just drop me a message to make sure I’m available. That easy!

Each time slot will be open to all services offered. No more guessing. No more hoping that I can meet with you. Later spots (while limited) are now available.

How will it work? 

You visit the Reserve Your Spot page as usual and select your service(s). This alerts me of what you will be dropping off during your drop-off time.

Then add your items (extras). Need to bring 2 pairs of pants and 2 skirts? No problem, just add the items and quantities.

In a hurry? Add rush fee if you need it quick. This alerts me that your items will be a fast turn around. Please note that not all rush orders can be accommodated, but I will try my best. Most rush requests are denied simply because I have too much work ahead of you that have deadlines that cannot be moved.

Then select your desired time slot for dropping off items. You decide what is best for you. If you need an alternate time, simply select one and contact me to work out the details. With more appointment times, I am hoping the need for alternate time slots is smaller.

Fill out the drop-off order form. Submit.

Why make these changes? 

There has been a lot of chaos and misunderstanding of the previous method. Some individuals would get upset to find out that they would not receive their items back on the same day or in the same time slot.

The worst thing for me is that I am frequently waiting on no shows for drop-offs. This limits the wait time for me and you. You should be able to get right in and out.

Estimated costs!

I always have people ask what their bill we be. The problem is, I don’t always know what you are bringing me so I can’t give you an estimate until I see your items. Now you can report what you’re bringing and what you need to be done. Prices on your final invoice may vary a bit, but you will have a good estimate of what you will owe upon pick-up.

By doing this, I am opening up some services to my non-local clientele. I have been asked many many times about my patch sewing services but there is no convenient way to account for these. With the new setup, you should be able to alert me that you are shipping items to me.

Change is hard!

I know that change can be hard, but I hope this will simplify my job and make the process easier to understand. I am too busy to continue like I am.

Thank you for your continued support and business.

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Class Registration NOW OPEN

Learn to Sew | Sewing Class Registration Now Open! | Stacey Sansom Designs

I am excited to announce that CLASS REGISTRATION IS OFFICIALLY OPEN for courses being offered by Stacey Sansom Designs between March 2020 and May 2020.

Please note that classes offered during March 2020 are limited. More classes may be added if there is enough interest.

I am working on a tentative schedule for Summer 2020. I will post more information as I have it finalized.

How long does the class registration run?

Registration for a particular course closes roughly 2-weeks before the class starts. I have to close registration so that I can order any necessary supplies and/or equipment required for each course. I try to keep 1-month of supplies in stock, but this can be tricky based on availability and demand.

Please note that if registration is full, you should drop me a message or call me directly. Each class will have a waitlist. If you contact me, I will add you to the waitlist. If someone cancels, it will be offered in order on the list until the spot is filled.

What classes are available?

You can find additional information about the courses offered by Stacey Sansom Designs here on this website.

Please note that not every course is offered every month. If your class is not currently being offered, reach out to me to find out when it will be. Classes are offered more frequently based on popularity.

How can I learn to sew?

You can start learning to sew by visiting the booking page and register for the courses of your choice.

Please note that all courses have required fees, as follows:

  1. Registration Fee to pay for the course and the use of classroom equipment. This is paid at registration.
  2. Materials Kit that contains all materials required to complete all the course projects. These are prepared and ready on the first day of class.
  3. A textbook is ordered by your (shop around) or let me know to have it ready on the first day of class. Some classes this is optional. Required textbooks contain patterns for completing class projects.

Do you offer discounts?

I do not offer many discounts on materials kits. These items are bought in bulk to get you optimal pricing. Sewing (and quilting) is not a cheap hobby. While it can be done on a budget, prices add up–quick. Please note that I try to keep my prices low so that all individuals can learn to sew. These kits have supplies for 2-4 projects (varies from class to class and sewing level).

I do offer course discounts if an individual is registering more than one student at a time. To receive discount codes for multiple students, please contact me directly.

If you are registering siblings or parent and child, please note that you only need to purchase 1 copy of the textbook.

If you need help financially, please reach out about potential sponsorship or scholarships.

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Welcome to March 2020

Happy March | Stacey Sansom Designs

As we welcome in March 2020, I want to thank my customers for keeping me busy. Thank you! You are the reason that I do what I am doing. Without each of you, Stacey Sansom Designs would not be what it is today.

I also want to thank you for being understanding and patient while I have been battling the latest sinus infection and migraine marathon. Fortunately, I am on the mend and I hope that this will continue over the next few days so that I can get back to my full schedule.

Here is to another great month ahead of us.

What’s Happening in the Studio?

I have been busy updating the registration and booking system with all the new sewing courses that will be available in the upcoming months. I will be working on this for the next couple of days so keep checking back if something is not available. These are tentative based on interest and registration numbers.

Remember, I must have no less than 3 students registered in order to hold the class. Please tell all your friends to check out Stacey Sansom Designs. If you register and 3 students do not register, you will be offered a private or semi-private lesson at a discounted rate for the time slot you selected. Please note that the discounted rates may be higher than the group class rates. You get my undivided attention so it only seems fair.

Are you looking for Summer Camps?

If you or your child is interested in Summer Camps, please reach out to me ASAP via email or private message.

I am working on camps but due to lack of interest in daytime sewing lessons, I have not pursued them actively yet. However, during the summer I know that the demands will change. Please let me know if you are interested.

Currently, I am working on camp themes and courses that will progress students through roughly 2-3 weeks of projects in 3-4 days. I have not decided on the length, yet. The length will depend on demand.

National Quilting Month

March is National Quilting Month.

While I currently do not have anything planned for the month specifically at Stacey Sansom Designs, I am hoping that I can finish the Patriotic Quilt that I began in August 2019. This is the same quilt that has been draped over my long-arm quilter waiting for me to sew the borders on it and get it quilted. You have probably seen pictures of it on Facebook. It has been a busy few months so it has been on the back burner.

My National Quilting Month goal is to get that quilt finished. I am considering entering it in the Texas State Fair this year, but I’ve got to get it done. So that is my focus this month.

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Spring Classes Delayed

Spring 2020 Sewing Lessons DELAYED | Stacey Sansom Designs

It is with sadness in my heart that I have to post this. I NEED TO DELAY the start of my Spring Sewing Classes here at Stacey Sansom Designs. Unfortunately, my health is not cooperating this season.

Why the concerns?

I caught a respiratory virus at the beginning of January. I made it through our oldest son’s wedding but quickly became sick afterward. With me, a simple cold is never just a “simple” cold. They typically progress into full-blown sinus infections. You can see where this is going, right?

Yep, it progressed to a sinus infection. The problem is that the first round of antibiotics did not entirely knock it out. It came back in the form of a migraine that would last for 3 weeks. I went back to the doctor because of the migraine that I could not get to ease up – at all. I discovered that the sinus infection was a raging mess in my head. They started me on a 3-week course of antibiotics and added some steroids and other things to help reduce the inflammation. Should have worked, right?

But it didn’t. I had an allergic reaction to a binding ingredient in the antibiotic after a few days (it took time for it to build up in my system). I was now sicker than I was when I went back to the doctor. I called them and they swapped the antibiotic for a different antibiotic, again for a 3-week course. I should feel better quick, right?

But I didn’t. I had a bad reaction to this antibiotic. I have had this antibiotic before. I have had the previous antibiotic before as well without a noticeable reaction. This time, however, the cough, hoarseness, and sore throat were getting extremely bad. My lungs were starting to fill up with gunk. I went back to the doctor. I am getting frustrated at this point. I’m thinking that I have laryngitis starting. The doctor thinks that it was indeed a reaction. It is not the expected reaction to this antibiotic, but it does happen. So at this point, I am really sicker than I started.

The good news is that they have switched me to another 3-week course of antibiotics that we know that I won’t react to – for certain. That was Tuesday morning. Today is Thursday morning. Today, I am feeling better than I was on Tuesday. It is a marginal improvement at best, but it is an improvement. I am sure that as I get a few more doses in my system I will start to even get some of my energy back.

What does this mean?

It means that I just can’t do sewing lessons RIGHT NOW! I need to get my body time to heal and get well. I cannot risk getting sick again anytime in the next few weeks. I am now down 2 antibiotics that I can no longer take if I catch another infection. That is not good for me. It isn’t good for my family. It isn’t good for my students who are excited about attending classes and learning new skills.

While I had planned on starting sewing classes in the first week of March, that will not be the case. I will hold a couple of my Crash Courses if I am feeling better.

Spring Sewing Classes will START in the first week of April 2020.

Registration for these classes will open up in the next couple of weeks as my health improves.

Looking Forward – No sick students!

Due to this unfortunate chain of events, it is of utmost importance that no child (or adult) show up for sewing lessons while sick – not even a little sniffle claiming it is allergies. I have to stay well for a while. I already had several antibiotic allergies and just increased my list. Not everything needs antibiotics (I know), but if I need them, I have fewer to choose from and a higher likelihood of resistance building up.

Please respect my bubble!

Happy sewing!

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Postponed: Start of 2020 Sewing & Quilting Classes

Sewing Lessons Start is Postponed | Stacey Sansom Designs

I had hoped with great hope that I would be able to get everything organized and prepared for the start of the 2020 Sewing & Quilting Class season, but alas the time has gotten away. I am simply NOT READY YET!

We survived the Christmas season. I even made it through the wedding festivities that we had the pleasure of taking an active part in as the parents of the groom. Then as the wedding was over and things were starting to calm and clear again, I caught the dreaded respiratory bug (or cold) that was going around. My son and husband had it. I had hoped that I would clear it, but I tell fell to its buggy grasp.

Unfortunately, mine progressed and turned into a nasty sinus infection. That has slowed me to an almost halt this past week.

This is why I am simply not ready to get started – yet!

Working on Supply Kits

With the new method of class registration and student progression through the lessons, I am trying to stay very focused on the EASIEST WAY TO GET STARTED for each student. Parents most often appreciate this, especially if they are not sewists themselves.

I am in the process of preparing SUPPLY KITS for each course!

Currently, I will not be offering the option to pick supply colors and other preferences in each kit, but I hope that in the future I will be able to accommodate this in the future. As it is now, I will have several kits on-hand in the studio. When a student arrives for their first lesson in each course (Hand Sewing I, etc) they will select from the available supply kits on-hand. These will be kept in the studio until we use them.

No more worrying about if your child has the right supplies for class each week! Everything will be here waiting for them.

Working on Project Samples

One of the biggest things I want to finish up is PROJECT SAMPLES for each course. I feel this will give a better overview of what we will be working on and hopefully accomplishing with each course that you register for.

This does not seem like a big task for a seasoned seamstress. However, with each individual course, there are multiple projects completed. This is a daunting task for anyone to do in a very short amount of time.

The good news is that through t his process, I will be better able to assess if beginner students can easily complete the individual projects within our allotted class time. This is a good thing! This means that there are fewer unfinished projects coming home.

Classroom Sets of Required Equipment

To make sewing lessons easy on everyone, I will have a classroom set of all equipment and supplies here in the studio. No more lugging heavy and expensive equipment and supplies back and forth. Students can now come straight from work or school without having to manage all the crazy logistics of sewing machines and sewing scissors.

It is RECOMMENDED (even REQUIRED) that all students obtain their own equipment and supplies for use at home, but to get started they truly do not need anything! Learning to sew/quilt is like learning to play the piano. It takes practice! I expect students to practice. I will have extra supply kits available for purchase for at-home practice.

Registration Opens Mid-February

Registration for all sewing and quilting classes available in March 2020 will open mid-February 2020.

Please note that not all courses will be taught in March. I will rotate these based on demand. I will try to offer the Beginner I classes each month, but there are no guarantees.

In the future, registration will show classes offered up to 3 months at a time.

When registration opens, it will run until the week before the course is scheduled to start. This is so that classroom supplies can be prepared for your student’s arrival. This will also give you adequate time to obtain your student’s textbook if needed.

After-School Classes!

Stacey Sansom Designs will be offering its VERY FIRST round of After-School Classes!

For many students, they just cannot attend classes during regular operating hours at Stacey Sansom Designs. You’ve spoken and I’m trying to listen to your requests. I can’t grant them all, but I am trying to accommodate as many as possible.

I will run a trial round of after-school classes SOON! This will be held on Tuesday afternoon from 3:30-4:30 PM initially. Additional details will be coming soon.

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Classes Start Again in February 2020

New Classes Starting February 2020 | Learn to Sew | Learn to Quilt | Stacey Sansom Designs

I hope that everyone is well and happily sewing up a big storm as we head into the holiday season. Homemade/handmade gifts are wonderful ways to show off your new talents. Lessons make the perfect gifts that keep giving throughout the year.

Not what I expected

It has been a crazy few months here at Stacey Sansom Designs. I did not anticipate that going back to school would stress me out like it has this semester at BYU-Idaho (online). I thought I signed up for a couple of easy classes and hoped that I would learn something. I mean, how hard can an introductory accounting class and a beginner pattern making class be?!. Let me just say that they were both more challenging than I ever could have imagined. I am grateful for the past many weeks and all the newfound skills and knowledge, but I am truly grateful that we are wrapping up the semester here shortly. Burn-out is a real thing!

I have already registered for the semester that starts in January (early). I have been reassured by many individuals that if I know anything about Excel or Quickbooks, both of my selected classes will be easy. They are time-consuming, but not difficult. I am hoping that this is the case because neither of the classes this semester was easy and both were extremely time-consuming.

Blessings unfolded

While I have truly missed each one of my sewing students, I know in my heart that students needing to take some time off was my Heavenly Father’s way of making sure that I could focus on the task of learning instead of stressing out over teaching lessons to others. Sometimes we don’t recognize the blessings we are receiving until much time has passed. For me, it has been about 20 weeks to realize just how truly blessed I am.

It is sad that I won’t meet my income/revenue goals for the 2019 year here at Stacey Sansom Designs, but I am pleased with what I have done this far. With the new skills that I learned in Pattern Making, I look forward to practicing some of my skills as I expand my services/products in the upcoming year. There is much ahead, so don’t get stuck in the past.

Classes starting again!

I am pleased to announce that I will be starting a new session of classes in February 2020! I am so very excited about this and am busy laying out the plans and samples for these classes based on interest and supply availability.

I have not decided what classes I will begin with, but currently, my plan is to teach 2-3 days per week. These days will be Tuesday (sewing), Thursday (sewing), and Friday (quilting).

Unfortunately, I know that many of you want afternoon or evening classes. That is not possible at this time. I hope to be able to offer after-school classes in the future, but for now, you will have to plan for available crash courses or summer camps.

To see what sewing and/or quilting courses that I offer, please check out the CLASSES page. Not all classes are 100% ready for release yet, but I am slowly working on building out more options. Please note that classes will be rotated from month to month (in most cases). Not all courses will be available every month.

January is busy, but get ready!

I have delayed the start of lessons until February because January is going to be a busy month here! My oldest son is getting married!!! We are very happy for him and his fiance. The wedding is right after the start of the year and right before I start another semester at BYU-Idaho. The realization I had was that it was added stress that I did not need after such a crazy semester with such bad burn-out. So February it is!

Stay tuned!

Just because I have personal reasons to start full courses in February – primarily to reduce my stress and to make it easier to track when classes will run – it does not mean that I will not teach ANY classes in January.

You will have to stay tuned, but I am thinking about doing several of my Sewing Machine Crash Courses in January. These are perfect for kids and adults who simply need a refresher course. I am also working on a couple of other Crash Courses to help get you up to speed quickly so that you can work more efficiently with any of the classes being offered. These crash courses are not intended to make you expert sewers, but it will reduce the amount of time spent on the absolute basics like sewing machine usage, safety, terminology, etc.

I will release the list of courses and the schedule from February until May sometime in the next few weeks. Registration will open immediately at that time.