You will start to find this blog turn a new direction. This is a good thing. You will find things a lot more structured on a daily basis. Of course, there may be some growing pains as I start this new focused adventure for Stacey Sansom Designs, but it is one that I am willing to take to help improve my overall online marketing efforts. This will help me find renewed focus as I establish exactly what direction I want to take Stacey Sansom Designs and as I establish a new customer base here in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

I have made it no secret that Stacey Sansom Designs would shift its emphasis to the GRAPHIC and CREATIVE DESIGN interests of my business so the apparent change in product lines should come as no surprise over the next few weeks.

What can customers expect?

Existing customers will still continue to receive all services as currently agreed upon. Existing accounts will remain as established. I will not be taking on new customers for certain services except on a limited case by case basis.

What is changing?

Each day will have its own focus.

These daily focal points will give me the opportunity to pay closer attention to customers in a particular niche that Stacey Sansom Designs caters to. Currently, there is a huge jumble of services and customers pulling every which direction. Every customer feels that they are the most important. Trust me, you are all important but no one is more important than another. I value you all equally.

Due to these focal points, it will require a necessary end to the “emergency deadlines” that I am often handed for projects that are entirely unnecessary. It will require all clients to plan before their project deadlines become emergencies.

Ultimately, this new and refreshed online marketing effort will have a daily focus for one “creative avenue” of Stacey Sansom Designs while allowing me more time each day to focus on projects from each of those same “creative avenues.”

What does the schedule look like?

The current daily schedule looks like this:

• • Sunday • •

No Stacey Sansom Designs Work

• • Monday • •

Make It Monday

Emphasis will be on quilting and sewing projects.

• • Tuesday • •

In the Design Studio Tuesday

Find out what is going on in my Design Studio. Your graphic design service dreams come true this day.

• • Wednesday • •

Mood Board Wednesday

Emphasis will be on Mood Board type designs. These days will be geared more toward fabric design and quilt pattern design.

• • Thursday • •

Trade Show Thursdays

Emphasis will be on sharing my 20+ years of knowledge and experience gained in the web and graphic design industries.

• • Friday • •

Freedom Fridays

Anything goes. Fridays are for all the leftover stuff I feel needs to be taken care of during the week.

• • Saturday • •

Creative Lessons (These will not start immediately)

That gives you a little idea of what I have going through my head right now. I am not 100% committed to the topic names, but for now that is what I am going to call them. I will see how it goes and adjust as needed.

How will this play out?

Each day you will find a post(s) relating the topic of the day. These may be simple status updates or shared content. There are no promises that each week will have something for each day, but you will see an overall increase in online visibility.

Please feel free to share this content with your friends and invite your friends to like Stacey Sansom Designs on Facebook. Please share the content with others if you find it useful.

When does this start?

Right away!

Starting tomorrow, 02 February 2017, you will find the start of Trade Show Thursday posts dedicated to “Improving Your Brand Online.” This series will run for nearly 2 months. Each week I will focus on 1 aspect of getting your brand online and improving your brand’s online presence. There are lots of ways to do this and I will touch briefly on a few of these over the next several weeks. Please note that these will not be all encompassing posts. They will only get you started.

On Facebook, you will find links to articles, blogs, videos, how-to, etc that you might also find useful. They will be accompanied by a truncated but similar post on Facebook relating to the topic. These may be posted after the original post, but most posts will include additional helpful resources.

Please feel free to ask questions. This process is intended to help increase conversation and learning. User feedback is highly recommended so that these posts can be better catered to your needs.

Establishing a new direction