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Improving Your Brand Online: Online marketing is not a one time deal

The most common mistake that people make about their online presence is forgetting about it once it is up. They believe it is hard or time consuming. As a result, they simply ignore it or overlook it instead of learning how to manage it. Perhaps some have another individual (or a team of individuals to) manage their presence and it becomes costly and the updates slowly taper off.

Managing your online presence cannot be a one time deal. You have to:

  • work it
  • stay on top of it
  • be consistent
  • be persistent.

Managing your online presence is going to be work and sometimes it is going to be hard.

You are going to learn to do hard things! You are going to have to learn to:

“Do. All. The. Things.”


You have spent time building your product or figuring out exactly what services you offer, spend time figuring out how to market them. There is the common adage:

If you build it, they will come.

That is not entirely true with an online presence. Just because you built a beautiful website does not mean that you are magically going to have new visitors to that website. A beautiful website will attract people once they get there, but it will not get them “in the door” so to speak. Also, without viable and relevant content, that attraction may be short lived.

To receive any sort of satisfaction and reward from your online presence, you are going to have to work for it. It is essential to create a “digital marketing” plan to help build your list of followers.



What methods are you using to help build your online presence and online following?



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Improving Your Brand Online: Online marketing is not a one time deal