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Improving Your Brand Online: More on content

We live in a digital world and this means that we as content producers have to rethink how we present information to users – the customers. It is important that you find out how your customers are interacting with your blog and/or website. Basic statistics will give you a general and basic overview of this.

Increase of mobile devices

My guess is that more and more of your customers are coming from some sort of mobile device – smart phone, tablet, laptop, etc. There has been a steady increase in the sales of these devices over the past several years. Due to this increase, we have seen a stead increase of traffic to blogs, websites, and social media platforms coming from these very same devices. They are convenient and the user is more likely to have continual access to them when they are out and about. No longer do they need to be restrained by the fixed location of a desktop computer.

It is important to cater to these mobile devices more and more. No longer are people willing to be patient with websites that do not have a mobile version of their website. Fortunately, the ability to create a mobile accessible website is becoming and easier and easier.

Benefits of different technologies

The benefits of our high technology society sometimes seem like a downfall, but are they really?

Did you know that the average human has an attention span less shorter than that of a goldfish? That can be frustrating, but it does not have to be.

Check out this document from Microsoft:…/microsoft-attention-spa…



Go harness the technology and use it to your advantage – short attention spans and all.



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Improving Your Brand Online: More on content
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