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Improving Your Brand Online: Give something away

We all like to receive free gifts when we are in our local stores. These free gifts are a way to sample new products. The stores are using them as a way to entice you to buy more. It is a great way to improve customers’ perception of your overall business. Online customers are no different. People like getting things for free.

The problem with a lot of online giveaways is that online users are highly skeptical. Most understand that they are giving up something to get something in return. For many it means giving up an email or the like. To help squash this skepticism, you need to establish yourself as a trusted source and have something of perceived value to them.

Online, these freebies are often eBooks, printable checklists, white papers, free evaluations and consultations, special access to videos, special discounts, etc. There are so many possibilities. Be creative. Think to yourself, what do I have to give that would benefit my customers?

This is a great way to get people to sign-up for your email marketing list. Just make sure that your give-away is something that they will value. Give this some serious thought. Even if it is something that you do not do right away, take time to plan for your giveaways.



Now think of a way to compel your users to sign-up for your email list, use your services, or buy your products.



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Improving Your Brand Online: Give something away
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