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Behind the Scenes at Stacey Sansom Designs

As I was sitting and sewing yesterday, it was great to just be able to spend the time. Unfortunately, I was not able to spend any time in the “design studio” today so no behind the scenes shots or progress shots. My trip to the doctor yesterday landed me with antibiotics and a shot of steroids to help my body kick the sinus infection that my cold from last week turned into. Today I was not feeling much into cutting, sewing, or even designing much.

When I left the sewing yesterday, I made the harsh realization that I had cut the top and bottom borders of the quilt incorrectly. This is real life! Accidents happen. It is not a huge deal. I have enough fabric to cut another set. I cut them too short. It means that I will have to seam them in the middle. These are real life behind the scenes solutions. I just shrugged when I realized the mistake. If that is the worst I have done with this sinus infection while working on this quilt, we are doing good. Today, I decided I was going to skip the mistakes because I do not have a ton of extra yardage to be forgiving to too many more mistakes.

My children’s idea of help

Yesterday, when I was sitting there, I had to laugh to myself. My children do love me, I am sure of that. They made sure that I had the squeakiest of the chairs at my sewing table. That was so kind of them. All I had to do was breathe and it squeaked. Not just a little squeaking either. It was nonstop. I just chuckled inside and then silently plotted out a way to replace it. This is real life behind the scenes at Stacey Sansom Designs. We just keep it real here.

I need a new chair

What kind of chair do I want to replace it with? That is the million dollar question. I would like something that moves easily, but there is carpet on the floor so that is always a challenge. I also often lean toward the preference of a more standing position when sewing so having a chair that can go up and down to chair height and bar/standing heights would be nice.

The question now is, just what do I want? I just do not know. I want sturdy. I want comfortable. I have always sat on plastic or wood chairs while sewing and never really complained about the lack of padding. I just want something with good support more than a cushy sit. Of course, then I’ll have to consider floor mats as well to protect the carpet and allow for easier movement across the carpet. Lots of decisions to make. I am sure this is not one that I will be making anytime soon.

What does everyone else sit on when they are working?

Tomorrow, I am back in there working on that quilt. That is what I will be finishing up in the work hours I have tomorrow.



I will need another solution
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