Offering patch sewing services to individuals, groups, and businesses. Get those patches out of the bottom of your purse and out of the junk drawer and on the uniforms where they belong! Schedule your drop-off today.

Patch Sewing Pricing

All patches are priced by the longest side of the patch.

Please note that some patches are hand-sewn because I cannot get the item on the sewing machine to properly sew them by machine. This is not uncommon with multiple patches on a single sleeve or small sleeves. By requesting services, you authorize any necessary hand-sewing.

Bulk discount for more than 25 patches in one order – save 25¢ per patch.

Patch Size – longest sidePrice Per Patch
Patches up to 1½”$1.25 per patch
Patches up to 2½”$1.75 per patch
Patches up to 3½”$2.25 per patch
Patches up to 4½”$2.75 per patch
Patches up to 5½”$3.25 per patch
Patches up to 6½”$3.75 per patch
Patches up to 7½”$4.25 per patch
Patches up to 8½”$4.75 per patch
Patches up to 9½”$5.25 per patch
Patches over 9½”$5.75 per patch
Hand-sewn patches$1.50 additional per patch
Patch Removal – Sewn$1.50 per removed patch
Current patch sewing prices as of 11/23/2021

Rush Fee

All alterations and/or repairs requesting less than a 3-business day turnaround will be charged a rush fee.

$35.00 flat fee per order

Wash Fee

All items brought to Stacey Sansom Designs for sewing services MUST BE CLEAN of all animal hair, body funk, and strong smells.

Any item not meeting these specifications will incur a non-refundable washing fee. This is to either clean your items or cover the cleaning and maintenance of machines.

$5.00 per item