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Stacey Sansom Designs - Iron Recommendations

Iron Recommendations

With the plethora of features available on the wide variety of irons, how do you know what is right for you? These iron recommendations are from individuals with a varying levels of sewing skills. The « ...Read more... »

Stacey Sansom Designs - Irons and their available features

Irons and their available features

In the process of learning to sew, you will learn just how important it is to use your iron. I like to use the mantra: "Press and press often." Irons are for pressing those seams and they can be essen « ...Read more... »

Stacey Sansom Designs - Select Your Cutting Board

Select your cutting board

There are a lot of ways to cut your items out and there is no right or wrong method. Some methods are more efficient than others, but not everyone will find the method the most efficient for them. Due « ...Read more... »



Quality design should be within everyone’s reach. We each deserve a personalized and inspired representation, customized to fit who we are and what we do. The size and status of our individual needs should not matter.

Services Include:

» Graphic Design

» Website Design

» Custom Quilts

» Website Reviews

» Website Hosting (in house)

» Book Cover Design

» Printed Magazine Ads

» Printed Newspaper Ads

» Website Maintenance

Clients Include:

» Time Security

» Texas Sport Karate


» 1927 Scout Fundraising

» Champions Bushido

» Texas Gulf Bay Homes


» Gulf Plumbing

» Murphy’s Environmental