Textbook – Kid’s Beginner Sewing

The book, A Kid’s Guide to Sewing, is currently REQUIRED for the following classes:

  • Kid’s Beginner Sewing I
  • Kid’s Beginner Sewing II
  • Kid’s Beginner Sewing III
  • Beginner Sewing I
  • Beginner Sewing II
  • Beginner Sewing III

Order your book on Amazon today! We will start using this book on the first day of class. The book includes patterns and instructions for projects to be completed in class.


This is the currently selected textbook for the classes listed above. Please note that we will also be using this for the adult beginner sewing classes.

A Kid’s Guide to Sewing by Sophie Kerr (with Weeks Ringle and Bill Kerr) is a good overview and thorough guide to getting kids, teens, and adults using a sewing machine very quickly.

Using this book, we will work through a project(s) each week and develop basic sewing skills covering a variety of sewing mediums. Not all projects in the book will be completed during class-time. These projects are perfect for extra practice.

The topics included in this book include sewing with a sewing machine, basic sewing tools, and selecting fabrics. Projects range from bags, home decor, accessories, and basic clothing, etc.

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Textbook – Kid’s Beginner Sewing


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