What size quilts are you currently taking orders for?

I am currently taking orders for the following sized quilts:

  • crib/baby
  • lap/throw
  • twin/twin xl
  • full/double
  • queen

Other sizes may be available in the future.

What materials are your quilts constructed out of?

Quilts are offered in a variety of fabrics and techniques to offer a wider range of pricing and finished looks.

Typically, your finished quilt will consisted of:

  • PIECED QUILT TOPS – constructed with 100% cotton fabrics
  • BATTING (or middle layer if applicable) – typically 80% (or greater) cotton batting fibers
  • BACKING – either 100% cotton fabrics OR a cotton polyester blend
  • BINDING – either 100% cotton fabric OR a cotton polyester blend where applicable

Please read the product descriptions as these will disclose all materials used in the construction of your quilts (and other products available from Stacey Sansom Designs).

If you are ordering a custom quilt and you select a material that is made from something other 100% cotton, you will be advised about this before cutting and construction begins.

What designs/patterns will you use?

Designs/patterns currently are currently limited to allow for FAST TURNAROUND time on quilts.

Many different looks come from the same patterns where no two quilts are identical. In fact, most quilts offered “ready to ship” are true one of a kind – no two are alike. These quilts may have similar fabrics, but most are not exact matches.

Current designs include a combinations of squares, rectangles, or triangles.

You can, however, custom order a quilt with a particular design/pattern. The design or pattern you select may incur extra costs.

What is the turn around on quilts?

All orders must allow at least ONE MONTH before deadline or rush order fee will be added to final cost. Some quilts will take more or less time depending on the size and/or pattern selected. Please allow a minimum of at least 1 month for your deadline for delivery. The more time you allow, the better. Plan ahead to avoid any issues.

What does it cost to have a quilt made?

Price range is rough as materials may vary for your quilt depending on design and size. The larger the quilt, the more your materials will cost.

Price range is based off labor fee plus materials estimate. Labor fee is not negotiable. Elaborate designs may incur additional costs.

[easy-pricing-table id=”149″] [easy-pricing-table id=”153″]

What if I wanted a tied quilt instead?

If you are interested in a tied quilt instead of professionally quilted look, we do offer the tied quilt look. We offer machine tied quilts. These offer the tied look without the strings.

The fee for this would be $25.00 per hour instead of the professional quilting fee.

It takes approximately 5 hours to machine tie a full-sized quilt. Your “quilting” fee for your quilt would be $125.00 instead of the $205.00 professional quilting fee. A cost savings of $30.00.

What are the benefits of Long-Arm Quilting Services?

Long-arm quilting services offer a professional and finished look to your quilt as well as a lasting and durable finished product. Professionally quilted products are durable and washable.