Offering alterations and minor repairs to everyone! See the basic charges and fee schedule for the most common alterations and repairs. Drop me a message today.

Alteration Pricing

General Alterations$25 per hour
Hems – Pants$16
Hems – Skirt
Hems – Skirt
Current prices as of 11/23/2021

Repair Pricing

General Repairs$25 per hour
Average Zipper Repair on Pants or Skirt90-minutes $37.50 plus zipper cost
Average Zipper Repair on Dress or Coat120-minutes
$50.00 plus zipper cost
Zipper Cost$5-10 (varies on zipper type and size)
Current prices as of 11/23/2021

Rush Fee

All alterations and/or repairs requesting less than a 3-business day turnaround will be charged a rush fee.

$35.00 flat fee

Wash Fee

All items brought to Stacey Sansom Designs for sewing services MUST BE CLEAN of all animal hair, body funk, and strong smells.

Any item not meeting these specifications will incur a non-refundable washing fee. This is to either clean your items or cover the cleaning and maintenance of machines.

$5.00 per item