Other Services

Stacey Sansom of Stacey Sansom Designs started as a web designer and graphic designer. After 23+ years in the industry, she decided to hang up the hat on that industry – MOSTLY! Out of loyalty and commitment to the services provided, she maintains a handful of clients. All other work in this arena are done purely on a case by case basis.

Other services provided by Stacey Sansom Designs

  • Web Design
  • Web Hosting (design clients only)
  • Graphic Design Services
  • Website Consultations
  • Website Maintenance

Graphic Design Services

Printed Ad Design

Do you need an ad created for just about anything? This is the place to look! Below is the basic pricing for magazine and newspaper ads. Flyers and other printed media also fall within this pricing.

1/4 Page Ad
1/4 page magazine ad
Provided in full color and grayscale
1/2 Page Ad
1/2 page magazine ad
Provided in full color and grayscale
Full Page Ad
Full page magazine ad
Provided in full color and grayscale
Lg Full Page Ad
Full page newspaper ad
Provided in full color and grayscale

These services do not have to yield printed results. Those costs are above and beyond this pricing. Often digital ads are submitted to local digital magazines, newsletters, etc.

If you need an ad created, contact Stacey Sansom for a quote/estimate of services.

Logo Design

There is nothing more important to a small business than a quality logo. Well, customer service comes in second in my opinion, but it is very important to have a logo and/or branding package that will set you apart from your competition and make you or your small business look more professional.

Logo design
1 logo design
Graphical, textual, or graphic and text combined
Multi-media Logo Package
4 similar logos
Primary logo is modified to fit multiple media formats as necessary - web, print (vertical, horizontal formats), t-shirts, small promotions, business cards, etc.

Website Consultations

I have a lot of knowledge to share and can often help you evaluate what you need to do to make your website work more efficiently for you and your business.

Contact Stacey Sansom for pricing.

Web Design Services

Web Presence
A web presence is simply to get you on the web. It is nothing more than that. It would be ideal for small organizations such as non-profits who typically need a presence to deliver information about who they are and what they do.
Web presences are typically limited to 1-4 pages and have no contact forms although one can be added for a small additional fee.
This is a package that is perfect for one-time only events and other content limited sites.
Blog design and redesigns fall within this category.
Basic Web Design
A basic website is typically where the introductory small businesses find themselves breaking onto the web. This is a basic informational website with a fair amount of content.
Basic web sites are typically between 5-7 pages and include a single contact form. Typically all other content is fairly static.
Intermediate Web Design
An intermediate website is for those who need larger sites or who have a small amount of dynamic content that needs to be addressed. This would also be where your introductory e-commerce would begin.
Intermediate websites are typically between 8-15 pages and include one or more contact forms.
These websites can also include a database or small CMS (content management system) to help drive the dynamic content.
Advanced Web Design
An advanced website is for those who need a large websites, need full e-commerce capabilities, or have websites that contain a large amount of dynamic content.
Advanced websites are typically more than 12-15 pages and include one or more contact form. They may contain other interactive forms as well.
These websites include a database, CMS, and have large amounts of dynamic content driving the user experience.
Price may vary based on e-commerce needs.

Web Hosting Services

This service is only available to existing design clients and those accepted on a case-by-case basis. All hosting services require web design services for eligibility.

Contact Stacey Sansom for pricing.

Website Maintenance Services

A lot of individuals and small businesses need a helping hand when it comes to their website maintenance. It is just a lot to handle and often there is a lot of fear of screwing it up. I offer these services on a pay per hour service or a monthly service. Contact Stacey Sansom for pricing.