Do you live north of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex? If so, this is for you! Do you have projects that you have never completed? Do you have a machine and want to learn how to use it? Have you taken a several year hiatus from sewing? Do you want to learn something new while the kids are in school? These sewing lessons are you.

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Classes for children to adults

Stacey Sansom Designs will be offering group, semi-private, and private sewing and quilting lessons for children and adults. Lessons are appropriate for children as young as 8-years-old and adults still capable of fine motor skills. I do not discriminate based on gender.

Children aged 8-11 must attend with an adult. I have found that children this young, while capable of sewing, get frustrated if they do not have adequate help at home. To prevent this, I now require younger students to attend with a responsible adult. If you are attending with your child, please contact me about discount codes before registering.

All class registrations will be marked as pending until appropriate information has been collected from the student(s) to verify level. This includes the purchase of necessary textbooks and supplies. Registration will remain pending until the minimum number of students is reached.

Each group class will have up to 4 spots available.
Each semi-private class will have 2 spots available.

Class Prerequisites

Some classes have prerequisites that must be completed before registration is approved.

Previous knowledge is acceptable, however, please be honest with yourself about what your current skill set is and respectful of mine and others registered in the class. It is okay to admit that you need a refresher course. If you are not certain what classes you need to sign up for, please contact me directly and I will help you pick what’s best for you. You may be asked to complete a skill’s test to rate your level as necessary.

Available prerequisite class topics include:

  • Hand Sewing
  • Sewing Machine Use
  • Cutting
  • Pattern Reading

These prerequisite requirements are intended to allow me to accommodate more students without bogging down class-time with basic skills that are more suited for their own class.

No Need to Transport Equipment!

Tired of lugging around heavy sewing machines and bulky supply bags? No need to worry!

There is a classroom set of everything at Stacey Sansom Designs. Not all machines will be the same–on purpose. Each machine will have an accompanying tool kit to go with it. The student does not need to provide any equipment or tools while in class.

Supply kits are provided as a convenience for parents! These can be purchased directly from the Stacey Sansom Designs Shop. This includes any materials and notions required to complete the projects selected for that session of the class. Projects may change from session to session. These supply kits will be prepared for the first day of class.

Do I need to purchase equipment and supplies?


On the first day of class, you will receive a packet of required and/or recommended supplies, equipment, etc. You will be provided a variety of ways to obtain the supplies/materials you need. If students do not already own their own sewing machine, they will be encouraged to use a different machine to find out what is most comfortable to them.

This is an at-home activity as much as it is an in-class activity. Each week your student will be assigned a reading assignment and/or homework. Reading assignments could be as simple as reading a particular section in the user manual for their own personal sewing machine or a few pages from the selected textbook. Homework could be watching 1 or more videos on YouTube. Most of the time, it will be finishing the work for the day’s lesson or completing projects.

Each week students should come to class with their textbook and any supplies that were taken home to work on.

Each student will be assigned a drawer under the sewing machine stations to store their supply kit items not in-use each week. This is to help minimize lost or forgotten supplies. For example, in a class that contains 4 projects, supplies for projects 2-3 should remain in their designated drawer while working on project 1.

Sewing Lesson Pricing – For Groups

Sewing lessons are group lessons of up to 4 students. Classes will not begin until 2 or more students have registered for the class.

Prices vary from course to course due to the number of in-person classroom hours and skills being taught. I will try to keep prices as reasonable as possible. All classes are paid for upfront. If you need a payment plan, please contact me directly before registering to make arrangements.

Additional information coming soon!

Sewing Lesson Pricing – For Individuals

Classes are available for individuals. Semi-private (2 students) classes are also available. There is only limited availability for private and semi-private lessons. Please contact me directly to arrange these.

Additional information coming soon!

Class Times and Tardiness

Please show up for class 5-10 minutes early each day. The class times you select are intended for your student to be in their seat and ready to participate. Please show up for your class time 10 minutes before starting so that you are ready to work when class starts. This time will also allow you time to ask easy questions.

Please pick up your student on time. I will try my best to not run over! However, it may take your student a couple of minutes to collect their things. Any minors still at Stacey Sansom Designs 10 minutes before another class is in session will be charged a child-care fee of $1 per minute. I am not a baby sitter.

How many sewing lessons are needed?

It depends! There is no easy answer to this.

All absolute beginner students with zero sewing knowledge are required to take certain classes. Some are done in 1 session, some are multiple sessions. These are to give foundational skills necessary to be successful in any class offered by Stacey Sansom Designs.

If you have previous sewing experience, your class requirement will vary. Some students only need refresher courses. Some students only need project classes. There is a wide variety of classes to best fit your needs.

Not all classes will be available all the time. Classes will rotate quarterly. Please check the schedule each quarter for availability.

If you have any questions, please contact me directly to discuss your personal situation.

Topics for Sewing Lessons

I have been asked multiple times what these new sewing classes will cover. There is no “one” answer to these questions. I want these sewing lessons to stay flexible. By being flexible, each student receives the lesson that they need.

Sewing lessons may cover the following topics (but not limited to):

  • Evaluation of knowledge, skills, and supplies.
  • Basic sewing supplies and their uses.
  • Basic sewing skills – sewing in a straight line, sewing curves, etc.
  • Basic sewing machine knowledge – parts, proper usage, basic maintenance.
  • Fabric selection – fabric types, colors, and prints.
  • Basic sewing terminology.
  • Cutting supplies and cutting safety.
  • Equipment recommendations (if needed).
  • Sewing notions and their uses – making bias tape, inserting zippers, making buttonholes, making piping.
  • Sewing items with structure – interfacing basics, matching seams, topstitching.
  • Sewing items for the home and everyday use.
  • Reading a basic sewing pattern – taking measurements, adjusting patterns to fit, cutting and markings.
  • Sewing clothing items.

Please keep in mind that many of these topics are very broad and may take 2-3 lessons to do them justice. Some may be combined with other topics. Private lessons will always be adjusted for the best student experience.


Practice is required! Lessons are expensive. The more you practice, the sooner you can get to project-based classes rather than extensive instruction classes.

During each sewing lesson, students will work on a simple project. These projects are intended to help you learn and use basic sewing skills. While this project may be simple, it may require your student to finish while at home. This is expected!

Each lesson will build on what is learned in a previous lesson(s). These sewing lessons are not intended to teach you expert skills that very day. I have been sewing for over 30 years and am still learning. Expertise only comes with learning and practice.

Students are expected to practice the skills taught in class throughout the week. This may include completing the class time project. It could also be practicing by doing the project again. This may require you to purchase additional materials for them to practice with. Please contact me if you need help with this.

Learning to sew is like learning to play the piano – it takes practice! The more you practice, the faster you will progress. Practice! Practice! Practice!

Are there any additional costs?

I would love to say, “no” to this frequent question, however, sewing is not a cheap hobby. It can be done on any budget, but often supplies are a personal preference. Costs can vary from project to project. It is my desire that every student works on projects in fabrics and prints that interest them but this will be largely reserved to more advanced project-oriented classes.

The basic supplies for simple projects will be available for purchase in a class supply kit that each student will receive on the first day of class.

Due to the nature of the projects in class, the price of each supply kit will vary. My goal is to keep each project affordable and use products readily available at your local discount or sewing store. The list will include (but not limited to) any pattern if required, larger cuts of fabric, notions, and threads to coordinate with your fabrics.

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