Kid’s Hand Sewing is a series of courses is a beginning overview of foundational sewing skills and is intended to help build students dexterity and fine motor skills involved in manipulating a variety of materials. Students will learn basic hand-sewing techniques while completing projects that are skillset appropriate.

This course is appropriate for children age 8-16 years old, while the primary focus will be given to students between 8-11 years old. This course is helpful for anyone wanting to learn basic hand-sewing skills. Remember that all children ages 8-11 must attend with a parent until they become independent sewers and can troubleshoot and solve hand sewing problems consistently on their own.

Covered in Kid’s Hand Sewing I

In Kid’s Hand Sewing I students will introduce the student to basic foundational hand-sewing skills. Students will learn the different types of sewing needles and threads and when to use them appropriately. Each lesson will practice and build on skills learned in a previous lesson. Projects will range from home decor, accessories, repurposing, and small gifts, etc.

This course will complete 4 basic hand-sewing projects. Projects may vary.

Course Details

Course Price:$30.00Register today!
Course Duration:60-minutes
for 4 weeks
Materials Kit:$35.00 + taxREQUIRED!
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Additional Materials:None
My First Sewing Book
(Cico Kidz)
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Projects:4Small sachet pouch
Sock monsters
Finger puppet cards
Simple hair ties

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What this course is not

This course is a basic overview of hand-sewing using basic materials and tools available to consumers at a variety of stores or around the house. This class is NOT intended to make you an expert hand-sewer or hand-embroiderer. This is a foundational class only to allow you to learn the basics of hand-sewing with minimal investment.

This course is not a free-for-all and attend if you feel like it course. Each lesson builds on skills from a previous lesson. Attendance is expected. There will be no refunds for missed classes. Please register for a FREE SEW EVENT to make up missed class(es) or schedule a private lesson for additional instruction.

What do all the fees cover?

Your course fee covers 60-minutes of instruction for 4 weeks and practice worksheets as needed. It covers all in-class use of tools, including irons, scissors, glue, etc.

Your materials kit fee covers all supplies and materials required to complete the selected hand-sewing projects. This includes fabric, felt, stuffing, thread, needles, and other materials required to complete the projects. These supplies will become the property of the students. Some materials may be used as supplemental materials in Hand Sewing II or Hand Sewing III.

The textbook is required. This book selection will have additional information helpful to beginner students and is recommended as a reference. The book includes additional hand-sewing projects for extra practice. This book will be used for Kid’s Hand Sewing I, II, and III.

* * * Notes * * *

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  • Projects may vary between different course sessions.