Kid’s Beginner Sewing is a series of classes is intended for children ages 8-16, but the projects are also appropriate for parents or adults. This class will take the student from the absolute beginner to a more independent sewist, exposing them to a variety of basic techniques and skills. Each project is intended to help boost confidence and build on skills learned in previous lessons.

While the curriculum was originally written for ages 11 and up, younger children may find it fun when supervised by a parent. Remember that all children ages 8-11 must attend with a parent until they become independent sewers and can troubleshoot and operate equipment consistently on their own.

Projects will include items from home decor, bags, accessories, and a brief introduction to basic clothing. Please note that these are the current projects and may vary based on material availability, number, and demographics of students. I try to pick projects that will be fun for students while teaching basic skills. Not every student will enjoy every project completed, but they are used to teach basic skills and techniques.

Covered in Kid’s Beginner Sewing I

In Kid’s Beginner Sewing I students will learn the basics of sewing materials and equipment. They will learn the parts of a sewing machine and related safety practices. They will learn to maneuver the sewing machine, control speed, wind a bobbin, and thread the machine. Students will learn basic cutting and ironing safety and techniques. This class will complete 3 basic projects. Projects may vary.

Course Details

Course Price:$40.00Register now!
Course Duration:90-minutes
for 4 weeks
Materials Kit:$30.00 + taxREQUIRED!
Purchase Materials Kit
Additional Materials:None
A Kid’s Guide to Sewing
(Sophie Kerr with Weeks Ringle and Bill Kerr)
Purchase Textbook
Prerequisites:NoRecommended for ages 8-11:
Kid’s Hand Sewing I
Kid’s Hand Sewing II and
Kid’s Hand Sewing III
Projects:3Simple Pillow – Pillow Cover with insert
Snuggle Scarf – Fleece of Minky Scarf
Hair Band – Basic cloth headband with elastic

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What this course is not

This course is a basic overview of sewing with a sewing machine using basic materials and tools available to consumers at a variety of stores or around the house. This class is NOT intended to make you an expert seamstress. This is a foundational class only to allow you to learn the basics of using a sewing machine with minimal investment.

This course is not a free-for-all and attend if you feel like it course. Each lesson builds on skills from a previous lesson. Attendance is expected. There will be no refunds for missed classes. Please register for a FREE SEW EVENT to make up missed class(es) or schedule a private lesson for additional instruction.

What do all the fees cover?

Your course fee covers 90-minutes of instruction for 4 weeks and practice worksheets as needed. It covers all in-class use of machines and tools, including the use of thread and needles on classroom machines.

Your materials kit fee covers all supplies and materials required to complete the selected sewing projects. This includes fabric, felt, stuffing, thread, hand-needles, notions, and other materials to complete the projects each week. Some materials may be used as supplemental materials in Kid’s Beginner Sewing II or III.

The textbook is required. This book selection will have additional information helpful to beginner students and is recommended as a reference. The book includes additional sewing projects for extra practice. This book will be used for Kid’s Beginner Sewing I, II, and III.

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  • Projects may vary in different course sessions.