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I have put additional Garage Sale items in the SHOP here at Stacey Sansom Designs. Many of these items are available for ship-out “next day” if ordered during our normal business hours.

While the most recent additions are all used “Janome” products, this will not be true for all additions in the near or distant future. Please check back for future Garage Sale Items if you are looking for things other than Janome machine parts.

The Back Story

I bought a Janome Memory Craft 9000 sewing and embroidery machine a few years ago. It was a great machine. I had never sewn on a Janome before purchasing this machine. I have to confess that the machine sewed like a hot knife in butter. It was so quiet and smooth. I dare say that it has been the only consumer-grade sewing machine that could rival Pfaff’s ability to sew through thick materials such as multiple layers of denim.

Unfortunately, that would not last for very long. That is one of the hazards with buying a used sewing machine, they may have a limited “useful” lifetime. The machine was working perfectly fine, but the LCD Touch Screen panel on the machine was fading quickly. This does not seem like a big deal to most – just replace the touch screen. Right? I am of the mindset that it should be that easy, except often it is not.

After a couple of years of searching for an affordable replacement touch screen for this machine, I have struck out. I did find some. I cannot lie about that. Let me reference the “affordable” part of my statement. All of the replacement screens I found were to be imported from Australia. That is not the problem. The problem that left me longing for more and hoping to find a suitable alternative was the price of the replacement. When you think about the conversion price, it might not be so bad, but shipping is a big deal sometimes.

Since this part is decently fragile, shipping was going to cost me a bit more than I would like on a replacement touch screen that may or may not extend the “useful lifetime” of the sewing machine. Since the replacement part was going to cost me about $400, I have decided that my loss (the use of the machine) is your gain (excellent condition used parts).

As any owner of this machine (and similar models) knows, these are aging machines. As such, parts are getting extremely hard to locate especially at affordable prices. With the machine’s incompatibility with modern computers and mobile devices, locating the Memory Cards is of utmost importance to owners who are hoping to push the “useful lifetime” of this excellent sewing and embroidery machine a bit longer.

My loss is your gain!

I have decided that I can turn my unfortunate loss – the use of the machine as even a regular sewing machine – into potential gains to those who still own and love their Janome Memory Craft 9000 sewing and embroidery machines. The same holds true to owners of similar models that are also compatible with this machine’s Memory Cards, accessories, and parts.

You will have to do your research on the compatibility with your machine. Please note that I am NOT an authorized Janome dealer or reseller. I am simply trying to sell off equipment that I own so that the profits can be used to purchase a newer professional embroidery machine so that I can offer additional embroidery services to customers in the future.

These parts are hard to find if you are replacing or updating your machine. Maybe you likewise bought the machine used or inherited it and did not receive all of the memory cards in the package. Maybe you did not spend a mint purchasing the memory cards and accessories when you initially bought the machine. Any reason is good enough to browse through the SHOP and see what you may need or want.

Don’t wait! These memory cards, accessories, and parts will not last long…

Additional Garage Sale Items in the SHOP