Temporarily Closed due to medical reasons until further notice | Stacey Sansom Designs

It is hard for me to close all local services being offered at Stacey Sansom Designs, but currently I am taking a medical leave of absence. This only impacts the local and in-person services such as lessons and alterations.

Please be assured that this is NOT RELATED to the COVID-19 pandemic that has everyone on high-health alert. This is related to other more private medical concerns and ultimately stress reduction. Please be respectful of this decision.

SHOP items still listed as available – are still available. These items are for shipping only. If for whatever reason, your item is not available due to inventory errors, you will be immediately refunded any funds on the order. The restock of items will be intermittent. Please be understanding.

If I have alterations and repairs or other services to be performed, they will be completed in the next 2 weeks and returned accordingly. Please be patient as I work through the few I still have in my possession.

Closed for medical reasons