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Stacey Sansom Designs is updating our service offerings and service booking system to better serve you. 

Please be patient if something appears to be off or not working. These updates will be ongoing for the next 7-10 days as free time allows between appointments, classes, and other responsibilities. 

What does this mean? 

More flexibility! Who doesn’t love that?!. 

You will now be able to select the item drop-off time that is most convenient for you. No more by 9:00 AM Monday drop-offs.

Time slots are 1-hour long and you can drop-off anytime during that slot. No more stressing on exact times. If you are going to be early or late, just drop me a message to make sure I’m available. That easy!

Each time slot will be open to all services offered. No more guessing. No more hoping that I can meet with you. Later spots (while limited) are now available.

How will it work? 

You visit the Reserve Your Spot page as usual and select your service(s). This alerts me of what you will be dropping off during your drop-off time.

Then add your items (extras). Need to bring 2 pairs of pants and 2 skirts? No problem, just add the items and quantities.

In a hurry? Add rush fee if you need it quick. This alerts me that your items will be a fast turn around. Please note that not all rush orders can be accommodated, but I will try my best. Most rush requests are denied simply because I have too much work ahead of you that have deadlines that cannot be moved.

Then select your desired time slot for dropping off items. You decide what is best for you. If you need an alternate time, simply select one and contact me to work out the details. With more appointment times, I am hoping the need for alternate time slots is smaller.

Fill out the drop-off order form. Submit.

Why make these changes? 

There has been a lot of chaos and misunderstanding of the previous method. Some individuals would get upset to find out that they would not receive their items back on the same day or in the same time slot.

The worst thing for me is that I am frequently waiting on no shows for drop-offs. This limits the wait time for me and you. You should be able to get right in and out.

Estimated costs!

I always have people ask what their bill we be. The problem is, I don’t always know what you are bringing me so I can’t give you an estimate until I see your items. Now you can report what you’re bringing and what you need to be done. Prices on your final invoice may vary a bit, but you will have a good estimate of what you will owe upon pick-up.

By doing this, I am opening up some services to my non-local clientele. I have been asked many many times about my patch sewing services but there is no convenient way to account for these. With the new setup, you should be able to alert me that you are shipping items to me.

Change is hard!

I know that change can be hard, but I hope this will simplify my job and make the process easier to understand. I am too busy to continue like I am.

Thank you for your continued support and business.

Updates to Booking and Services Underway
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