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It is with sadness in my heart that I have to post this. I NEED TO DELAY the start of my Spring Sewing Classes here at Stacey Sansom Designs. Unfortunately, my health is not cooperating this season.

Why the concerns?

I caught a respiratory virus at the beginning of January. I made it through our oldest son’s wedding but quickly became sick afterward. With me, a simple cold is never just a “simple” cold. They typically progress into full-blown sinus infections. You can see where this is going, right?

Yep, it progressed to a sinus infection. The problem is that the first round of antibiotics did not entirely knock it out. It came back in the form of a migraine that would last for 3 weeks. I went back to the doctor because of the migraine that I could not get to ease up – at all. I discovered that the sinus infection was a raging mess in my head. They started me on a 3-week course of antibiotics and added some steroids and other things to help reduce the inflammation. Should have worked, right?

But it didn’t. I had an allergic reaction to a binding ingredient in the antibiotic after a few days (it took time for it to build up in my system). I was now sicker than I was when I went back to the doctor. I called them and they swapped the antibiotic for a different antibiotic, again for a 3-week course. I should feel better quick, right?

But I didn’t. I had a bad reaction to this antibiotic. I have had this antibiotic before. I have had the previous antibiotic before as well without a noticeable reaction. This time, however, the cough, hoarseness, and sore throat were getting extremely bad. My lungs were starting to fill up with gunk. I went back to the doctor. I am getting frustrated at this point. I’m thinking that I have laryngitis starting. The doctor thinks that it was indeed a reaction. It is not the expected reaction to this antibiotic, but it does happen. So at this point, I am really sicker than I started.

The good news is that they have switched me to another 3-week course of antibiotics that we know that I won’t react to – for certain. That was Tuesday morning. Today is Thursday morning. Today, I am feeling better than I was on Tuesday. It is a marginal improvement at best, but it is an improvement. I am sure that as I get a few more doses in my system I will start to even get some of my energy back.

What does this mean?

It means that I just can’t do sewing lessons RIGHT NOW! I need to get my body time to heal and get well. I cannot risk getting sick again anytime in the next few weeks. I am now down 2 antibiotics that I can no longer take if I catch another infection. That is not good for me. It isn’t good for my family. It isn’t good for my students who are excited about attending classes and learning new skills.

While I had planned on starting sewing classes in the first week of March, that will not be the case. I will hold a couple of my Crash Courses if I am feeling better.

Spring Sewing Classes will START in the first week of April 2020.

Registration for these classes will open up in the next couple of weeks as my health improves.

Looking Forward – No sick students!

Due to this unfortunate chain of events, it is of utmost importance that no child (or adult) show up for sewing lessons while sick – not even a little sniffle claiming it is allergies. I have to stay well for a while. I already had several antibiotic allergies and just increased my list. Not everything needs antibiotics (I know), but if I need them, I have fewer to choose from and a higher likelihood of resistance building up.

Please respect my bubble!

Happy sewing!

Spring Classes Delayed
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