Changes to Small Run Manufacturing services - Fall 2019 - Stacey Sansom Designs

Small run manufacturing is a service that has been provided by Stacey Sansom Designs to other small shops and boutiques since March 2018. Unfortunately, this is a service that I can no longer provide with the same frequency. As a result of this, I have been slowly cutting back on small run manufacturing for the past 6 months. This is a personal business decision and has nothing to do with any of the lovely shops/boutiques that I worked with.

Decreased frequency

Effective immediately, I will no longer be doing continuous or frequent runs of manufacturing products for local and not-so-local boutiques.

As mentioned above, this is a business decision. My business has taken a turn in a different direction and I am choosing to follow it instead. This decision is being driven to several things, but I will confess that it is largely profit driven. There has been a much greater demand for other services provided by Stacey Sansom Designs.

After watching this demand shift over the past 6 months, I felt it was no longer a sound or wise business decision to continue the higher stress and lower paying venture. I have been cutting back availability for small run manufacturing over this time period.

No business is being cut off

It is not my intention to cut off any of the shops or boutiques that I have been providing this service to. The decision is coming at a time where most shops and boutiques were not sending frequent jobs for completion. I will be keeping availability for a few select contacts, but changes will take place how each job is handled.

I have reached out directly to the shops and boutiques that I will maintain. These are selected due to their infrequent and smaller manufacturing demands. If you have not received direct contact from me and are uncertain if you have made the “keep list,” please contact me directly.

Make arrangements for your return of property

If I have any products/supplies that belong to your shop or boutique and arrangements have not already been made to return these items, please contact me directly to make those arrangements. All returned items will be shipped via USPS Flat Rate Boxes as sizing permits. I must receive shipping labels directly from you for said items. No items will be shipped without prepaid shipping labels.

All items have not had arrangments made for their return within 30-days of this notice (May 20, 2019) will become the property of Stacey Sansom Designs. I am not running a storage facility. Many of these items I have had in my possession for multiple months. If they are of value to you, please make arrangements to have your items returned, including shipping address and shipping labels.

Future small run manufacturing projects

All future small run manufacturing jobs will be accepted and/or rejected on a case-by-case basis.

All decisions to take on any SRM job in the future will be made base on availability. Scheduling will be done around my availability, not around your need to have it done ASAP. Your lack of planning does not merit an emergency on my part. SRM jobs will be done as available, with no modifications to my existing scheduling for other services.

If you need a SRM project completed, please plan ahead to get the project approved in a timely manner. No turnaround time will be less than 2 weeks from date of receipt at Stacey Sansom Designs (not including return shipping time). Please plan accordingly.

All future jobs will be completed at my going rate of $25.00 per hour for all SRM runs of 10 or more identical items. Identical items need not be identical in size, but no changes should be made in relation to color or construction methods. Anything less than 10 items will be considered Custom Sewing and will be charged at a rate of $35.00 per hour. If you have fewer than 10 items but they are identical, please contact me directly for pricing.

Referral to other small manufacturers

I do not have an extensive list of small run manufacturers. I am sorry, but I just do not. You will have to search online for this information. There are 2-3 different SRM related Facebook Groups that you should investigate if you are looking for an ongoing relationship.

If you need an amazing seamstress and small run manufacturer, you are welcome to contact Ann at Elegant Annswers.

Elegant Annswers is located south of the Houston, Texas metro area. She is a pretty busy SRM provider so please be aware that her turnaround time is longer than some. She has incredible attention to detail. She is also equipped to larger runs.

If you are looking for couture work, Ann is the person you want to call. High-end custom sewing is also one of her provided services.

Changes to SRM – Fall 2019
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