Changes to Sewing Lessons - Fall 2019 - Stacey Sansom Designs

Lessons are where many of the changes at Stacey Sansom Designs will take place. I am in the process of evaluating and adjusting lesson plans. This summer will largely be spent preparing for lessons in the fall. Sign-ups for fall sewing lessons will be available in late-July to early-August. Fall classes will begin in mid-September. If these rough dates change you will find another notice here at Stacey Sansom Designs or on Facebook.

Private versus group lessons

I will continue to teach private lessons, however, I want to increase group lessons. It is more fun to learn with friends, family, and even strangers. This is especially true with children.

If you are a current private lesson student, you will maintain your spot, however, I encourage you to sign up for a group lesson in the future.

Lesson types available at Stacey Sansom Designs:

  • Private lessons – Intended for 1 student only
  • Semi-private lessons – Intended for 2 students only
  • Group lessons – Intended for 3-4 students (may vary)

Currently, classes are taught week-to-week and catered to each student. In the future, there will be a structured classroom schedule with projects to encourage continued growth and progress. Each class will have weekly homework for additional practice between lessons.

Age requirements

All students taking sewing lessons at Stacey Sansom Designs must be 8-years-old or older.

I do not teach students younger than 8-years-old here at Stacey Sansom Designs. That is a personal choice based on personal experiences teaching children in the past. This may change in the future, but is currently not an option. Please be respectful of this decision.

If your student is 8-11 years old, they must attend with a parent or other responsible adult. There are multiple reasons for this. The two main reasons that I instill this rule are (1) safety and (2) parental help at home. There are lots of hazards when sewing. Sewing machines can and do sew through fingers. Adult supervision helps classes go smoothly and prevents accidents. I have found that many students do not have support when they go home after lessons; their parents do not know how to sew and cannot help. With younger children (and even some teenagers) having help at home for practice between lessons is vital for their success. Help at home and during class also helps prevent frustrations. If your student is 11 years old and has previously taken lessons for at least 1 year, they may attend class without a parent.

Special accommodations

Stacey Sansom Designs tries to make accommodations where necessary. I have students of all ages. I have students that are visually impaired, hearing impaired, etc. If you require special accommodations, please contact Stacey Sansom Designs before registering for classes to see if I can accommodate these needs. It may require a private lesson.

Associated cost responsibilities

Sewing is not a cheap or free hobby.

The expenses for this hobby are yours regardless if it is for yourself or your child. I try to keep my classes affordable, but I also cover basic incidental materials and supplies with your class fees. Larger projects do incur additional costs above and beyond the incidental fees. In the future, I will continue to cover the cost of materials if only a very small amount of for any given project and it is easiest to purchase in larger quantities. The covered supplies will vary from lesson to lesson.

Your class fee will include the cost of the book (ie, textbook) that will be used throughout the class. This book will have instruction, projects, and often patterns for in-class or at-home use. This book must be brought to class each week!

Beginning this fall, you will be able to purchase all classroom projects in kits based on the class(es) of your choice. If you choose to not purchase the classroom project kits, you will receive a list of required supplies and materials to be brought to class each week. If no materials or supplies are brought to class, you will be invoiced for your student’s project kit.

Equipment purchase

Each student is expected to purchase their own supplies and equipment. This will not be required for the first couple of lessons. Practice will be expected at home and equipment is needed to complete adequate practice. Sewing is like any other new skill, you have to practice. I want to be able to celebrate your accomplishments as meager as you feel they are each week.

Personal equipment and supplies will no longer be required during class time. Stacey Sansom Designs will be set up with all required equipment and supplies for in-class use. This will save precious class time and also wear and tear on sewing machines being carried by younger children. My studio is upstairs and all the machines are banging up the walls in my stairwell. All personal equipment will be used for home practice and use.

Each student will receive a list of recommended supplies and equipment in their class welcome packet.

Classroom equipment

Classroom rules will be reviewed regularly. If you receive notice to remind your child of certain rules, please note that this is a universal reminder based on things witnessed each week. This is to help protect my investment in equipment and supplies provided by Stacey Sansom Designs. Damaged equipment means fewer students get to participate each week.

I will be setting up the classroom with multiple sewing machines for use by all students. Each machine will have a supply and equipment kit that accompanies it. Please remind your children to be respectful of other’s belongings. Damaged or lost equipment and supplies means fewer students get to participate each week.

Please note that not all machines in the Stacey Sansom Designs sewing classroom will be identical. I want to expose each student to different machines. If you do not have your own equipment, this is the perfect time for students to see what they prefer in a machine. Machines will range in age and features.

Practice is expected

If you feel that your student is not making progress in sewing lessons, please emphasize to them the importance of practicing at home each week. Lack of progress is most common with children that do not practice what they have learned each week. Lack of progress can also result from machine problems at home. Students that have a lack of interest in sewing tend to progress the slowest. They just are not interested or they find it too hard and are not willing to put in the effort.

Sewing is like any other new skill, you have to practice. I want to be able to celebrate your accomplishments as meager as you feel they are each week. We will take a couple of minutes each week to share at-home projects as well as projects completed in class.

Class registration and payment

Currently, classes are done on a week-to-week basis and payment is done likewise. Beginning Fall 2019, registration and payment will change.

Class registration will be for class bundles. If you pick the “beginner hand-sewing class,” it is a class bundle of several weeks of lessons. Each class will vary in length and price based on the number of “lessons” in the associated book. The bundled price will cover all lessons in the selected class. Each class will be paid in full before the first week of lessons. For the longer and more expensive classes, there will be options to make payments.

Each class will have a non-refundable $25.00 deposit. This reserves your class spot. With the exception of private and semi-private lessons, a class will not be held without at least 3 students registered. Your deposit will be refunded ONLY IF class is canceled due to lack of registration.

Class absences and make ups

I teach lessons 2-3 days per week. Currently, I frequently have students not show up for their scheduled time without prior notice. I make time for these classes. It is rude and disrespectful to not show up. If you are going to miss, please let me know.

Fall 2019, there will be no refunds for missed classes. Taking lessons is a commitment. Please make sure your student attends all classes that they are registered for.

Each month, there will be 1-2 make-up classes held. All students who have missed a lesson can use this scheduled time for completing their missed lessons if they have not already completed them at home. Space is limited. Students with missed lessons will have priority, but other students can come for help on individual projects as space is available.

If your student is sick, please keep them at home. I have students with weakened immune systems. If I get sick, I cannot teach efficiently. Please be respectful and keep your bugs at home.

Changes to Sewing Lessons – Fall 2019
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