Changes to Alteration Services - Fall 2019 - Stacey Sansom Designs

Alterations performed by Stacey Sansom at Stacey Sansom Designs will largely remain untouched by any Fall 2019 changes. I am truly grateful to be able to service so many individuals. Thank you for your referrals and business!

This section includes all clothing repair services.

Monday is alterations day!

Monday will remain the drop-off day for alterations.

If your item(s) is received before 9:00 AM on Monday, your project will be completed that week. Your return day may be longer than 1 week based on the repairs and magnitude of any alteration required.

If your item is received after 9:00 AM on Monday, your item will be completed the following week unless otherwise stated.

All alterations dropped off with less than a 72-hour turn around time will receive a $25.00 rush-fee per item.

Alteration returns and prioritization

Same-day return on items will no longer be guaranteed. This does not matter if you drop your item off on Monday or otherwise. Due to the increase in business, I can no longer make this guarantee.

Upon drop-off of your item(s), you will be asked what the “hard deadline” for the return of your item. A hard deadline is that date you absolutely must have the item back in your possession. Typically your return deadline will be marked 2-3 days prior to this deadline that you provide to Stacey Sansom Designs at the time of drop-off. This deadline will be used to prioritize all received alterations.

Typically items will be worked in the order they are received, however, the deadline is important because sometimes alterations can take longer based on fittings, etc. I will move onto the next item(s) while waiting for your response to or scheduling of any additional visits/fittings.

Alteration status checks

You are welcome to email, text, or private message Stacey Sansom Designs to see what the current status of your alteration(s). Please do not be offended by your status.

Please keep in mind that I only work on alterations on Monday and other select days as available. I provide services other than alterations, such as teaching sewing/quilting and thus cannot work on your item(s) around the clock. Your item will be returned by the date promised.

I often post pictures on the Stacey Sansom Designs Facebook Page throughout the alteration process. Make sure you like and follow Stacey Sansom Designs on Facebook to receive this updates.

Payment for completed alterations

Payment is due for all alterations before or at the time of pick-up. No exceptions! You will not receive your item(s) if you have not paid.

Upon completion of your alterations, you will receive a digital/electronic invoice via email. Stacey Sansom Designs prefers all payments be made through the invoicing system. You may pay through a variety of options and the service is safe and secure. You do not have to worry about your credit card or banking information, I only see that your payment has been deposited from the payment processing service.

If you absolutely have to pay via cash payment, please notify me before pick-up. Please note that NO CASH is kept on the premises. Exact change is required. If you do not have exact change, any payment over your invoice will be kept as a credit on future services rendered.

Please do not be shocked by your invoice when you receive it. I charge $25.00 per hour for most alteration services outside of hems. I do not work for free. I am not running a sweatshop. Please shop around if you are on a budget. I will do the least work possible for your alterations or repairs. If I have to take your item apart and reassemble, this takes time. Please be respectful.

Special Discounts

Until further notice, all residents of Paloma Creek and students at Talon Martial Arts 380 will receive an automatic 10% discount off their total invoice. You are the reason that I have been so busy! You have made the above changes necessary. This discount is a “thank you” for your continued business and referrals. Don’t forget to LIKE Stacey Sansom Designs on Facebook.

Stacey Sansom Designs is NOT a laundromat!

ALL ITEMS MUST BE CLEAN! I am not running a laundromat.

I reserve the right to refuse any item due to strong smells. These are migraine triggers. If I get a migraine, I cannot work efficiently (if at all). This is unfair to me and my business. It is also unfair to other customers that now have items delayed. Strong smells include any infused essential oils. Wash your items and immediately bag upon removal from the dryer.

I reserve the right to return any item brought to Stacey Sansom Designs with any pet hair on it. This is an allergy trigger. If I have an allergic reaction, I cannot work efficiently (if at all). This is unfair to me and my business. It is also unfair to other customers that now have items delayed. Wash your items and immediately bag upon removal from the dryer.

Please don’t be gross or tacky. I touch every part of the items brought to me when doing repairs or alterations. I don’t want to smell your sweat and funk. Your dirt, grime, and animal hairs gunk up the machines. If your item must be dry cleaned, your item will be returned for you get the item cleaned. You must present proof that you’ve completed the cleaning. If your item cannot be washed or drycleaned, you will be charged a $5.00 cleaning and maintenance fee per item. If your item is dirty and can be washed, you will be charged a $5.00 washing fee per item so that I can complete your alterations as scheduled.

Changes to Alterations – Fall 2019
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