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This week’s FRIDAY FLASH SALE takes place on November 16, 2018 (Friday obviously)!

Friday Flash Sale will be gone in a flash!

Be sure to come check out the Stacey Sansom Designs Shop and SAVE 35% on all Digital Scrapbook Products.*

No discount code needed, simply come shop. Instant downloads!

Come shop early because only limited quantities are available. Don’t miss out on this chance to grab these digital scrapbook products. Perfect for a variety of digital creations. Download, design, and print.


Digital Scrapbook Product Features

Digital Scrapbook Products can be used for a variety of projects and uses. They are not limited to just scrapbooks. Please share your creations as we’d love to see these products in use. Perfect for scrapbooks, flyers, postcards, digital announcements, website designs, etc.

Get creative with these digital scrapbook products designed and sold by Stacey Sansom Designs. Don’t forget to share your work with us so we can see them in use.

See individual product pages for details.


Digital Scrapbook Product Use

All digital scrapbook products are for non-commercial use.

Please note: These are instant downloads! They are digital products. NO PHYSICAL PRODUCT WILL BE SENT! Please make sure you back up your product.

It is your responsibility to make sure you can use these products. This includes having your own processing and/or design software.

Restrictions apply to all Friday Flash Sales

* Some restrictions apply on all FLASH FRIDAY SALES. Sale runs on Friday only. Limited to quantities in stock. No custom orders. Limit 10 per customer. Sale ends at 11:55PM Friday.

ABSOLUTELY NO REFUNDS! You cannot return a digital product. No excuses. No exceptions.




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Friday Flash Sale – November 16, 2018
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