Payment Policy Reminder


Please note that Stacey Sansom Designs no longer accepts payment via PayPal or Personal Check.

These changes were announced previously but have not been strongly enforced. In the future, your payment will be rejected if you pay via PayPal or submit a Personal Check for payment.

As other payment options become available, I will consider adding additional payment methods. Automated and digital payment options are changing and we will try to bring you the easiest and most secure options available.

Why the changes?

There are several simple reasons for this change:

  1. The fees for PayPal are adding up.
  2. Bookkeeping gets crazy managing multiple payment handling and transfers.
  3. Not everyone is honest and payment does not always go through with a personal check.
  4. Payment is automatically credited to your invoice upon payment approval.
  5. There are better options.
  6. Payment safety.

How do I pay my Stacey Sansom Designs invoice?

If you received an invoice, you received a link to pay your invoice. Simply pay via your electronic invoice, or going directly to the link provided on your invoice.

What payments are accepted?

Multiple types of payment are still available. You have lots of options (including, but not limited to):

  • Major credit cards (even your PayPal Credit Card)
  • Debit card (even your PayPal Debit Card)
  • Bank Draft (even your personal or business checking)
  • Cash

You can decide what fits you best.

What about business checks?

Business checks will still be accepted on a case by case basis.

I will highly encourage all customers currently paying via Business Check to begin using the Bank Draft option through the automated invoicing system.

What about security?

The automated system uses a payment processing gateway that is safe and secure. Most payments are easy to setup (take only minutes). You set this up. I never see any of your personal banking information accept for what is necessary to identify your payment on your invoices. The system automates this.

This system is safer than sending payment via the USPS and other postal services. Unfortunately, lots of people are dishonest and there have been reported instances of people swiping mail from mailboxes in our area.

These steps are being taken to help protect your information and payment.

Any other changes?

Additional changes may occur from time to time. I will always post here on this website about these policy changes. Please follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for additional updates. Sign up for our email newsletter for exclusive savings and updates.

Thank your for your understanding

I want to personally thank each of your for your business. You are why I do what I do. Thank you for being understanding about this matter.

Payment Policy Reminder