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SERVICE – Sewing on Patches

Get those patches sewn on.

Please note new rates, effective October 1, 2019.

Do you have patches laying on your counter, desk, or at the bottom of your drawers? Do you really need to get those patches put on your uniform? Did you know that Stacey Sansom Designs now offers Patch Sewing Services?

Do you need PATCHES SEWN ON?

You can now book your time online. This only reserves your spot on the schedule for the week. Schedule your drop-off today so that you can get those patches on your uniform (or other items) where they belong.

Pricing for Patch Sewing Services

All prices are per patch. Bulk pricing is available under limited cases, please contact me directly if you have more than 10 patches to have attached.

Patch ServicePrice
Patches up to 1½”$1.00
Patches up to 2½”$1.50
Patches up to 3½”$2.00
Patches up to 4½”$2.50
Patches up to 5½”$3.00
Patches up to 6½”$3.50
Hand-sewn OR Sleeve patches *+ $1.00
Patch removal °
(sewn on patches only)
+ $1.00

* Sleeve patches often require hand-sewing due to the size of the sleeve. Each hand-sewn patch will incur an additional $1.00 fee.
° Removal and sewn-on patches is an additional $1.00 fee. The removal of glued-on patches is extra. Please contact Stacey Sansom Designs for associated fees.

Please note:

No high school letter jackets, please!
Please contact me directly if there is leather involved.

Discounts are offered for bulk patches. Please contact Stacey Sansom Designs for additional information about possible discounts available for your individual needs.

Patches common on Boy Scout, Cub Scout, and Girl Scout uniforms will be discounted if they can be sewn together to make 1 patch before attaching to the garment. This is typical of Pack and/or Troop number patches.

To reserve your “spot” on the schedule:

All Patch Sewing Sessions are scheduled on Monday mornings and a limited number of four (4) sessions are available. Please contact Stacey Sansom Designs if you have more than 10 patches to sew on at one time.

Once you “book your session” you will be contacted directly to arrange drop-off and invoiced accordingly.

How to pay invoices:

  • Online via most popular credit cards and/or bank payment
  • Cash upon drop-off and/or pick-up. Please notify me ahead of time to make this arrangement.
  • NO personal checks or PayPal, please!


ALL PATCHES ARE SEWN ON during the week you selected unless otherwise stated. Large batches incur additional time. Priority is given based on the hard-deadline you provide at the time of drop-off.

Drop-off is by 9:00 AM on Monday morning. If items are not received by Monday at 9:00 AM on the day you selected, your items will be pushed to the following week.

If you will miss drop-off for your session:



It is your responsibility to make sure your items are picked up in a timely manner. Typically your items are ready for pick-up when you have received an invoice via email. Please be clear about all deadlines when you drop-off your items.

  • Please pick-up your items as quickly as possible.
  • Items are available for pick-up after you receive your invoice via email.
  • Invoices must be paid before items will be returned, no exceptions.

Patch Sewing Session Policies

Unfortunately, I have to have some policies in place for my protection and yours. Please be mindful of the following policies.

I cannot work if I am exposed to the following migraine and allergy triggers.

  • All garments MUST BE clean and laundered!
    This is a sanitary and health policy. No exceptions! Please wash and/or dry clean before bringing for your Patch Sewing Session.
  • All garments MUST BE clean of all animal hair.
    No exceptions. Please wash and immediately put it into a zippered bag if you have pets. Please put patches to be attached to the garment in the bag(s).
  • All garments MUST BE clean of smoke.
    No exceptions. Please wash and immediately put it into a zippered bag if you or a family member smokes. Please put patches to be attached to the garment in the bag(s).
  • All garments MUST BE clean of strong smells/odors.
    No exceptions. Please wash and immediately put into a zippered bag if you enjoy the following items:
    • scented candles
    • roaring fireplaces
    • essential oils
    • diffusing
    • excessive odor/smell blockers
    • incense
    • OR other like items

Please be considerate of me and my family. Please use a mildly-scented or an unscented detergent. Please keep the use of fabric softeners to a bare minimum.

Failure to comply with the below policies will incur an additional $2.50 cleaning and maintenance fee per garment. Smoke, animal hair, dirt, and dust can gum up my machines and my head. Please be considerate.

I appreciate your understanding and compliance with the above policies.