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With the plethora of features available on the wide variety of irons, how do you know what is right for you? These iron recommendations are from individuals with a varying levels of sewing skills. They are people just like you. Use these iron recommendations as a starting point to find that perfect iron for you.

** This post does contain “affiliate links.” These help cover some of the expenses acquired in an effort to bring you as much information as possible. These links DO NOT COST YOU EXTRA! The cost you see is the cost that I would pay if I were to shop online. There may be cheaper options available. It is your responsibility to do your price comparisons before purchasing. **

Basic and limited budget friendly iron recommendations

Rival Cord Wrap Iron

As stated in a previous post, many baseline irons do not have auto-shutoff features. This feature may not be necessary if you always remember to turn off the iron. This is a baseline iron recommendation that is packed with power, but minimal features keeping the price on the lower end.

Feature rich, budget friendly iron recommendations

Top pick iron recommendation for an iron that is heavy on the features but easy on the budget is:

Sunbeam Steam Master GCSBSP-201-FFP

This is my personal iron. I love it! It has a nice range of iron features without being a burden on the beginner’s budget.

Some of its features include:

  • 1400 Watt
  • Large water tank
  • Large Anti-Drip Non-Stick Stainless steel sole plate
  • 3 way auto shutoff
  • Variable Steam Control
  • 8′ Retractable Cord
  • Chrome/Teal

This 1400 Watt iron packs a punch when it heats up. It gets hot and gets hot quick. The automatic shutoff is a great energy saving feature as well as a great safety feature. Never burn your clothes again or worry about if you left the iron on when you left the house with the built-in 3 way auto shutoff feature. The large water tank is a nice feature considering this iron is a steam producing powerhouse.

Many may think that I would naturally love this iron because it is teal (my favorite color), but I assure you that it is just a good looking that packs a lot of features in its pretty exterior. The fact that it is teal does in fact make me smile every time I use it.

Budget friendly, lightweight iron recommendations

Panasonic NI-E660SR Adjustable Steam Iron

This is a great light weight iron that packs both power and features. I had an earlier model of this iron and enjoyed it almost as much as I do my current iron.

Professional seamstress approved iron recommendations

Rowenta DW9280 Steam Force

This powerful iron features a digital display of settings, steam boost, large capacity water tank, and auto-shutoff among others.

Quilter approved iron recommendations

Shark Professional Steam Iron

This is a heavier weight iron for those with a preference. This iron recommendation features a powerful wattage and features such as easy clean, auto-shutoff, and a large water tank.

Oliso TG1100 Smart Iron

This iron recommendation is coveted by many quilters. It features auto-shutoff and high wattage. This iron features the itouch technology that automatically lifts the iron when you are not touching the iron and automatically lowers the iron when you touch it again.






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Iron Recommendations
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