Here is another sneak peek at the project in progress. I am working on finishing up a couple of UFO’s this week. What is an UFO, you ask? Those would be “unfinished projects.”

Here is a quick glance at what I am working on:

Stacey Sansom Designs - quilt

I started this quilt over a year ago. I just never got it finished. It has a little brother quilt to go with it as well.

I still love these fabrics and how well they combined. They are so happy and bright. One little girl is going to be very happy to receive it – soon.

Confession time…

I left this unfinished as I needed to get more fabric to do the borders on it. I was reminded of that when I pulled it out and opened it back up and looked at what remaining amounts of fabric I had. There was no way I was going to get borders done for this quilt out of what I had left. A quick run to Walmart on Friday night and I had enough fabric to finish the borders and have enough left over for a future project. There is no excuse for letting a quilt sit this long without borders.

What is next?

It appears that I have more fabric left for the little brother quilt that was also with it. This quilt is next for completion. It just needs borders. I have a bit more fabric left for this quilt so I should not have any problems getting borders out what I have left. It will be a bit bolder than I had originally planned on the borders, but there is enough fabric left to complete it.



How many of you have left UFOs for an extended period of time?

How do you feel when you finally finish?


Sneak peek – Finishing another quilt top
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