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The SSD Etsy Shop Officially in Vacation Mode

I have officially put my Etsy Shop in vacation mode as of this morning.

Things are getting down to the wire around here and I will not be able to focus on everything that I want to. The box with the last of the Etsy Shop items will once again get sealed up and go back into the storage unit in the next few days. We need the last of the extra things to go into storage so we can finish the last of the things we need to get done to get the house on the market.

I am just happy that I can put it in “vacation mode” as opposed to completely closing the shop entirely and reopening it later. The difference? The amount of stress and time it will take me to get it back up and running on the other end. I can simply take it out of “vacation mode” and change the address for my billing information on the account once we get to where we are going to end up.

The only downside is that I will get billed for the listings while they are not able to be actively sold in the meantime. No one will be able to see the items while the store is in vacation mode. That was a big drawback. I decided the few cents each month was worth the “less stress” I would have in the long run. It will probably equate to less than $5 over the course of this entire exercise. To me that is a small price to pay for having practically no stress on the other end. To some it might seem like a big deal but right now I am trying to minimize as much stress as possible on two locations of my life with a lot of unknowns all while hanging onto some “normal.” That is a lot harder than it seems when all the normal is very quickly dissipating.

I mention the cost of this for those of you out there that might be interested in opening an Etsy Shop of their own. Many are hesitant. I know that I was. Overall, I have not found this to be a costly adventure. The sales have not been completely without confusion when it comes to the fees, but once I figured out how they were doing the fees it really was not a big deal. The shipping just comes out after the fact. I am okay with that I just did not expect that. Overall, it has been a pleasant experience.

Here is to an uneventful move and happy crafting, sewing, and other things on the other end!